Money and finances play a huge part in our lives. 💸 Whether you’re quite frugal or like to splash the cash, you’ll need money to get by in life.

It’s likely that university will be the first time you have to deal with large sums of money. And the ability to manage money well will come in handy.o  It’s not uncommon for students to have to skip meals or experience a negative impact on their mental health because of money problems.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. To help, this year we’re organising a month-long Student Festival of Financial Wellbeing! 🎉

To bring those challenges to the surface and help you discover the best strategies to manage your money well at uni, and beyond. 💰


What is the Student Festival of Financial Wellbeing?

The aim of the Festival is to help you start building the foundations for your financial future.

It will last for four weeks (31st January – 25th February 2022). Each week will focus on one of the four building blocks of financial wellbeing:

  • Get: how to improve your employability. Getting a job while you study and after you finish your studies, side hustles and more 💼

  • Build: why you should want to build your wealth. Plus budgeting, handling your debts and creating an emergency fund 🏗

  • Grow: what to do to increase your wealth. Looking at the benefits of investing, different types of investment and the importance of diversification 📈

  • Protect: how to look after your wealth once you’ve got it. Covering insurance and scams, especially how to avoid scams 🔐


What’s included in the festival?

There will be lots going on to help you prioritise and improve your financial wellbeing, all based around the four building blocks. You’ll get access to:

  • Webinars – led by financial experts to give you a deep dive into the building blocks and help you further your financial education. 

  • Digital guide – this downloadable guide will be packed with practical tips, guidance and Blackbullion resources on how to develop your financial skills and mindset. Get your copy.

  • Access to learning content – online learning around the themes of the Festival will be available on the Blackbullion platform to allow you to improve your financial literacy, including video lessons and quiz questions

  • Prizes – each week, there will be prizes available linked to the week’s theme, because, at the end of the day, we all enjoy a bit of fun and lottery in life, don’t we? 🤷 

All students at participating universities and colleges are invited to take part in the Festival. We look forward to seeing lots of you there to improve your financial wellbeing! 🤑

Everything for the Student Festival of Financial Wellbeing can be found on the Festival homepage.


Festival prize draw terms & conditions.

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