Blackbullion presents

Student Festival
of Financial Wellbeing

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4 building blocks of Financial Wellbeing Guide

Mock-up of the '4 building blocks of Financial Wellbeing' Guide


We'll cover what wealth is and how to Get it, we'll look at how to Build a foundation and Grow your wealth — and then, we'll talk about how to Protect your wealth over the long term.

Illustrated tower of blocks representing the 4 festival events: Get, Build, Grow, Protect

Together with participating universities and colleges around the world, we are celebrating all things money and finance that can make a positive impact on our long term wellbeing. Because even though money can't buy happiness, being in control of our finances can surely make us all feel a little less anxious.

Festival countdown


Week 1: Get

Webinar: What wealth is and how to Get it

  • Making money — while you're studying, and after
  • Preparing your CV and cover letter
  • Job hunting and doing job interviews
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Week 2: Build

Webinar: Build your credit score & improve your financial future

  • Building wealth: what it means, why it matters, and how to do it
  • Setting goals and creating a budget
  • Managing debts and preparing for emergencies
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Week 3: Grow

Webinar: How to Grow your money through investing

  • Vehicles for growing your wealth
  • Investments, risk, and the importance of diversifying
  • Investing vs. Trading
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Week 4: Protect

Webinar: Protect your money for the long term

  • Insurance: How it works and what to consider
  • Scams: How to spot them and what to avoid
  • Protecting your wealth over the long term
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Amazing prizes to be won

Become financially well and get a chance to win amazing prizes!