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Search the UK’s largest hub of support funds, scholarships and grants for students, to find additional money you may be eligible for.

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From navigating student finance to buying your first home, we focus on helping you build the financial skills you'll actually use.

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Develop better spending and saving habits with the Money Manager app by Blackbullion. Start your journey to financial confidence.

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Meet some Blackbullion students


I focused on getting my budgeting skills up to scratch, to make sure I could make it till the end of term without going broke. I also used a Student Loan Repayment Calculator to get a better idea of how much I’ll be paying off after graduation.

Blackbullion insight: Owen was overwhelmed the first time his student loan dropped into his bank account, he had never seen this much money in his account.

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owen, first time uni student


Matched betting seemed like a great way of making side income but I was totally terrified realising that the need to bet was getting stronger and stronger.

How Blackbullion helped: Ameira found herself tempted by finally having legal access to gambling. The risk pathway helped her understand what to watch out for and how to control her finances better.

Ameira Sticker

Ameira, Risky spender


The process was pretty straight forward but it took me a while to gather all the evidence. In the end, I was able to take pictures of my bank statements with my phone and upload them straight onto the system, which was very handy!

How Blackbullion helped: Stefan used the application tool to fill out the forms and submit required evidence. Our funding tool helped him to keep track and stay on top of his application.

Stefan Sticker

Stefan, funding applicant


I know many students don’t think about investing or what they can do with their money, apart from surviving till the end of term. But now I understand that you can take small steps to transform your finances and work towards your goals.

How Blackbullion helped: Claire always lived in her overdraft. Thanks to some clever budgeting and savings tips she was able to start saving each month and get her finances off the ground.

Claire Sticker

Claire, Savvy saver