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Skills are the currency of 21st century and we need new ways to learn them. Learn when convenient (no schedules), earn rewards, get social, and self-assess to ensure effectiveness

The administrator dashboard provides intelligent insights through smart analytics and reporting for minimum hassle and maximum efficiency It is our ambition to empower individuals for lifelong learning and personal development.


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100% student centric so we can help students succeed through native content and intuitive to understand tools and features

Interactive modules that engage but never patronise. More like a chat with a knowledgeable friend than a lecture from a bank manager!


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Making knowledge accessible through diverse content and diverse delivery for maximum engagement.

By equipping students with a suite of resources to support timely, and relevant, learning we support their ambitions to create the life they want .


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Students are mobile and their learning must be a natural extension of their life. So we’ve made sure everything works on their phone, any device really, so they are in control of their learning whenever or wherever they want.

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Winners Cup Trophy

Money Smartest 2016

It's that time of year again for our annual cross-university competition to find one campus with the smartest students, money smartest that is! The rules are simple, university with the highest number of registrations and Bullions collected between 1-15th December wins. Can your university beat it's closest rivals?

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Who is Blackbullion for?



Lack of financial education can have a crippling effect on students’ wellbeing. Through empowering students to take control of their financial future we can positively impact on the student experience as well as retention, attainment and employability.



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of graduates were worried/very worried about their financial debt. (1)


of students felt more comfortable about their financial future after using Blackbullion Online. (2)


of students are more likely to make changes to their money management after using Blackbullion Online. (3)

(1) NUS debt in the first degree (2015) • (2) Voxburner research - for Blackbullion - (2014) • (3) ibid

You'll be in great company.

We work with innovative and forward thinking institutions from across mission groups – small and large, and an increasing number of impactful companies, to supporting and enhancing the skills of young people.

"We are happy to be working with Blackbullion for a second year. We found the service valuable in empowering our students but not being patronising or condescending. As a creative institution we know our students respond well to online resources - they like that they can access it whenever they want. We are happy the students are partners in their learning and in developing these critical skills for life beyond education." - Anita Bailey, Ravensbourne

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"Goldsmiths has recently joined the Blackbullion community and will be integrating it into our hardship fund awards. Looking into the future, we hope that all Goldsmiths students will learn about as much about personal finance as they learn from their course." - Rocchi Acierno, Goldsmiths

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"For a large number of students, juggling finances while studying is a big challenge. That’s why [we] joined up with Blackbullion to try and help our students become more financially savvy. The financial skills that our students are learning will not only help them through their academic years but will set them up for life." - Gemma Orrell, University of Salford


"We successfully trialled Blackbullion and found it had great benefits for students in terms of understanding financial information. It is relevant, accessible and works with student needs in mind. The (Blackbullion) team has been very supportive and provided us with plenty of promotional materials. We are looking forward to continuing this success and boosting the financial capability of many more of our students." - Kirsty Woodward, Sheffield Hallam University

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