Hardship Fund

London Metropolitan University

Deadline: 28th April 2023

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About the fund

The Hardship Support Fund provides financial support to help you to access and remain in higher education, and can help alleviate unexpected financial hardship.

It is for students who had made adequate provision to support their study and living costs, but who require financial assistance due to an unexpected and significant short-term situation outside their control.

It is limited and is not intended as a source of income but rather as a safety net for students in financial difficulty. It cannot support a student for the duration of their studies, nor meet all expenditure.

The Hardship Fund can only assist with a contribution to core living costs. It cannot help with the payment of Tuition Fees. Each application is assessed on individual need and in line with National Guidance, there is no guarantee that an award will be made.

Eligibility criteria

This fund is only available to people in the categories listed below. Please do not apply if you are not in one of these.

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