The Accu Scholarship: Building Tomorrow's Visionaries


Funding available: £1,500

Deadline: 23rd August 2024

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About the fund


If you are considering using AI to write your scholarship application, please review the guidance found here.

About Accu:

Accu supplies precision engineering components to over 50% of the world's top manufacturers. From micro screws in prosthetic limbs, built to restore ability and improve people’s lives, to high tensile bolts used in the assembly of fusion reactors that promise unlimited clean energy; our components are used across the world to create a better tomorrow.

Empowering innovation and progress is at the heart of everything we do. For years we have supported students who share our passion for engineering, helping them to develop their skills across multiple disciplines, including Aerospace, Motorsport and Hyperloop transportation.

The Scholarship:

That's why we've created the "Building Tomorrow" scholarship program, to help with funding for your degree so you can focus on advancing and deepening your knowledge in your chosen field.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take the next step in your engineering career and get some financial help along the way. Apply for the Accu Scholarship now and let's build a better future together!


  • Please note to be eligible to apply for the Accu Scholarship you must be studying full-time in September 2024 as the award is due to be given out throughout the 2024-25 academic year. Applicants graduating before September 2024 will not be eligible
  • Students must be studying a full-time degree
  • Students must be UK-based and paying domestic fees
  • Students must be pursuing an undergraduate degree in a relevant engineering subject:
    • Aeronautical Engineering
    • Aerospace Engineering
    • AI and Robotics
    • Automotive and Motorsport Engineering
    • Design Engineering
    • Energy Engineering
    • Engineering
    • General Engineering
    • Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
    • Marine and Mechanical Engineering
    • Materials Science and Engineering
    • Mechanical And Manufacturing Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Mechatronics
    • Mechatronics and Intelligent Machines
    • Motorsports Engineering
    • Product Design Engineering
    • Robotic Engineering
    • Robotics
    • Space Science and Robotics
    • Systems Engineering

    • Applications open: 15th April 2024
    • Applications close: 23rd August 2024
    • Final winners selected: September 2024

    Eligibility criteria

    This fund is only available to people in the categories listed below. Please do not apply if you are not in one of these.

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