It’s that time of the year again. Unibattle is back for its seventh year! 🙌

Starting on the 6th of November, the Unibattle fortnight will be packed with excellent prizes, and a chance to try out our brand new app.

All you have to do to take part is give your financial wellbeing a bit of love and attention by learning on the platform or hitting that ‘download app’ button. 

All learning done with us during the Unibattle, or new app downloads, guarantee you an entry to our daily prize draw and help your uni or college win the title of Money Smartest. What better way to earn prizes (and potential bragging rights) than also building healthy money habits for life?  

What is Unibattle?  

During the Unibattle fortnight – this year, between 6th-17th November, not including weekends — students at universities and colleges around the world will get a chance to complete personal finance video lessons on our platform, or get access to our brand new money management app. All to help their university or college win the title of ‘Money Smartest’! 

The rules are simple. The more:

  • lessons you complete

  • quiz question you answer

  • Or if you download our Blackbullion app…

…the higher your uni or college climbs up the leaderboard.

And, all these actions get you into our daily prize draw. There are 10 prizes to be won between 6th - 17th November, plus extra local prizes awarded by your university or college (check with your local student support team about that one).

At 3pm on the 17th November, the university or college that tops the leaderboard will be crowned the Money Smartest 2023! 👑

Why should I get involved?

It’s been a tough few years for most of us, with the end of cost of living crisis nowhere in sight, we wanted to bring learning & fun competition together - to boost your financial wellbeing. 

So Unibattle provides a time for you to prioritise your financial wellbeing and learn more about financial education — during term time, and beyond. You can also win plenty of great prizes during Unibattle, including some to help with the cost of living crisis. 


Up for grabs this year are: 

🎧 AirPods - Monday 6 November

📺 A year's subscription (Netflix of Spotify) max £100 - Tuesday 7 November 

⌚ FitBit Charge 5 - Wednesday 8 November

🤑 2 x 1g Gold Bullion Bar - Thursday 9 November

🍟 Air fryer - Friday 10 November

🍳 COOK £50 voucher - Monday 13 November

💻 ASUS Chromebook - Tuesday 14 November 

🤑 2 x 1g Gold Bullion Bar - Wednesday 15 November

💸 £100 cash - Thursday 16 November

👨‍🍳 Nutribullet - Friday 17 November 

+ £50 cash prize to be selected by each university as a Uni-winner guarantee prize at the end of the campaign 🙌

So, let’s wrap up how to take part

This is how you can help your uni or college climb the leaderboard and also enter the prize draw: 

  • Log in or sign up for your free Blackbullion account

  • Complete personal finance video lessons on our platform 

  • Download the Blackbullion app

  • Keep an eye on our Instagram and your emails to see if you’ve won

Remember to check the T&Cs to see if your university or college is taking part in Unibattle 2023. 

Where can you keep up with Unibattle 2023?

We’ll be posting daily updates on our Instagram Stories.

It’s where we’ll announce all daily prize winners, give daily leaderboard updates and let you know what prizes you can win each day.

You can also check out the Unibattle page at any time, where you’ll find the T&Cs, the full list of prizes and a live leaderboard. 

So follow us! (@blackbullion)

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