Times have been tough lately on the money front and if you’ve been following us, you’ve probably seen all of our prize draws and competitions to help boost your bank balance! 

But there’s lots more you can do to recession-proof your finances - and our latest competition, with the chance to win some great prizes, is a great time to do just that!  


What is Recession-proof your finances?

This competition will help you feel more confident in your finances in these uncertain times. 

We know that the current economic situation can be scary. It can sometimes feel like you’re powerless and that there’s no hope.

BUT - there is hope. And lots of it, at that. 

In just 6 minutes, our pathway, ‘How to deal with a recession’, covers all the essentials you need to know to understand:

  • What a recession is

  • What causes a recession

  • How you can survive a recession and come out the other side thriving


Anyone studying at one of our partner universities or colleges who completes the pathway between 17th-28th April 2023 will be entered into our prize draw!

Here’s a list of all the participating universities and colleges. 


What can I win?

The winner will be randomly picked from everyone that enters the prize draw and will get:

  • £50 to add to their emergency fund savings, plus

  • Three of the best personal finance books* to help them learn more about money


So not only will you get money to feel more financially secure - you’ll also get access to more personal finance wisdom to take your learning and financial wellbeing to the next level.

*curated by Blackbullion, of course


My uni/college isn’t on the list!

Unfortunately if your university or college isn’t partnered with us, you won’t be able to take part in the competition - so you won’t be able to see the Recession pathway.

You can, however, still log in/sign up for you free account and check out our Top 10 money tips, as well as the other content available to you on our platform: 

So how do I enter the prize draw? 

  1. Log in/register for your free Blackbullion account

  2. Complete the ‘How to deal with a recession’ pathway 

  3. Collect the ‘Recession-proof’ badge at the end of the pathway


You’ll automatically be entered into the prize draw if you collect the badge between the 17th-28th April - you don’t need to contact us too.

Not sure if you’ve collected the badge? You’ll find it on your ‘My learning badges’ section page. 

(Hint: you’ll need to complete the Final challenge in the pathway to collect the badge)


What if I’ve already completed the pathway?

You can still enter the prize draw!

All you’ll need to do is DM us three things on Instagram (@blackbullion) during the fortnight:

  • Your name

  • What university or college you’re studying at

  • The email address attached to your account


And we’ll add your name into the prize draw


What else do I need to know?

The winners will be announced on our Instagram Stories and will be contacted by email. 

We’ll be posting recession-related content on TikTok and Instagram over the fortnight, too - so keep your eyes peeled. 


Here are the competition T&Cs.


We hope you enjoy learning everything you need to know about recessions and that it helps you feel more in control of your money. 

And good luck for the prize draw!

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