It’s time to put money back at the forefront of the conversation and spend a week prioritising your finances - National Student Money Week 2023 is here!


What is National Student Money Week?

National Student Money Week (NSMW) takes place every February and is the UK’s biggest money awareness week for students. 

University is often the first time you’ve got responsibility for large sums of money and have to manage your finances by yourself. And we know first-hand that this can cause a lot of uncertainty, questions and challenges. 

Will my money last till the next loan instalment? What should I be focusing on with my money? Am I doing ok? 

NSMW brings these challenges to the surface, providing a platform to address them and help you feel confident and comfortable managing your finances. 

With a different theme each year, the National Student Money Week 2023 theme is unlikely to be a surprise…


Navigate the Numbers: Coping with the Cost of Living


This year, NSMW runs between 27th February-3rd March.


Spending Snapshot competition aka How is Blackbullion taking part in NSMW 2023?

Throughout National Student Money Week, we’ll be posting financial wellbeing tips and guidance on our Instagram and other social media (including our new TikTok account!)

These will give you practical ways to deal with the cost of living crisis and come out well on the other side. 

You might also see some of our materials dotted around your campus - we’re supporting our partner unis and colleges with materials to promote NSMW and help you improve your money situation. 

Oh, and we might just be running a ‘Spending Snapshot’ competition with three HUGE prizes up for grabs during National Student Money Week…


National Student Money Week 2023

Tell me more…

To help you take ownership of your finances and have a starting point for improving them, we decided to create a new tool - the Spending snapshot tool!


Why should I use it (apart from entering the competition)? 

  • It allows you to get an accurate assessment of your money situation

  • See how your spending stacks up against other students in your area

  • It can be completed in 3 simple steps


The prize

And that prize we mentioned… 

Students at participating universities & colleges who create their spending snapshot will enter a prize draw for the chance to win a month's worth of rent!

Three winners will be randomly picked from those eligible for the prize draw - so that’s three chances to win a month’s rent!

The Spending snapshot competition will run between 27th February-10th March - so it lasts for a week longer than National Student Money Week.

See if your university or college is taking part.


Create your spending snapshot now to enter the prize draw!


My uni/college isn’t on the list!

The Spending snapshot tool is free for all to use! So you can still log in/register for a free account with us and create your spending snapshot.

But unfortunately, you won’t be entered into the prize draw.


So just to make sure - how do I get a chance to win a month’s worth of rent? 


Where can I keep up with NSMW?

We’ll be posting every day on Instagram, giving you practical tips and guidance to improve your financial wellbeing. 


Here are the competition T&Cs.


We hope you enjoy creating your spending snapshot, seeing how you benchmark against other students in your area and building the foundation for a better financial future!

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