It can be especially hard to talk about money when times are tough. But it’s also often during these times when we most need the support of others.

That’s the idea behind ‘Money Confessions’ (returning to our Instagram Stories for its third year!) - to encourage open conversations around money. Because with extremely challenging macroeconomic conditions at play, we know that things are particularly hard for many right now. 

What is Money Confessions all about?

During Money Confessions, our Instagram Stories become a place where you can:

  • Be in with a chance of winning £50 by sharing something money-related - be it a worry you’ve got, an experience you’ve had, or if you’re super proud of a money move you’ve made, you can share that too!

  • Discover places you can go for help if you need it

  • Read the experiences of other students to see that you’re definitely not alone if you’re struggling, and learn from both the not-so-good times and the personal finance successes they’ve had

Money Confessions is a safe, completely non-judgemental space. 

Plus, all of the entries are anonymised before being shared on our Stories.

How to get involved

The dates for Money Confessions 2023 are: 

  1. May 15th-19th

  2. June 19th-23rd

  3. July 10th-14th

During these weeks, there will be a question box on our Story each day for you to submit your entry. 

Check out the examples below for inspiration and to see the types of things other students told us about last year.

To be entered into the £50 prize draw, you’ll need to make sure you’ve created a free Blackbullion account. There, you’ll also be able to develop your money skills and check out our Funding Hub to browse a range of scholarships, bursaries and support funds that you may be eligible for. 👊

You'll also need to study at one of our Blackbullion partner universities and colleges. Find a list of those here. You can still take part even if your university or college isn't a Blackbullion partner by sharing your experience and reading the submissions of others, but you won't be eligible to win the £50 prize draw.

The £50 prize draw

There’s £50 to win during each of the three instalments of Money Confessions – so that’s one in May, one in June and one in July. 

The lucky winner will be picked at random and can choose to either be paid £50 or ask us to give a £50 donation in their name to a charity of their choice. 

Full terms and conditions here.

Need some inspo for your entry?

Take a look at some of last year’s entries for some inspiration:

We’re looking forward to reading your entries! 🙌 

In the meantime, if you’re struggling it’s always worth speaking to your university or college’s student support department to find out about the help available to you. Other places to get support / useful resources include:

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