Vote to become Money Smart

Much like political life the UK over the past two years, life at University can sometimes feel like a never-ending cycle of voting.

What modules or electives do I choose? Which people should I move in with? Should I save money and cook, or be lazy and order a takeaway? Do I have enough money for another round in the pub? The difference is, of course, that these decisions are all up to you and you alone – they don’t depend on millions of other …

Do you need Money Mentors on your campus?

If you want to build a student ambassadors team this blog might be just what you need.
Money Mentors project
Money Mentors is an initiative funded by the widening participation department at King’s College, London, to help students from under-represented backgrounds get into university and be successful while they’re there. We spoke with with Rachel Glover, a former student money adviser at King’s College, on this subject. 
BB: Could you give …

8 Tips to Travel on a Budget this Summer

If you’re planning a short or extended trip this summer, well done. You deserve it. Maybe you’re thinking of working for a bit to save some money before going away, which is the smart thing to do, of course – otherwise you might be funding the trip from your last student loan payment, which is less wise.

Don’t think you need to be a ‘flashpacker’ (big budget backpacker) or to go ‘glamping’ (glamourous camping) to have a good time. Certain memb…

financial education for students

White paper – the impact of Blackbullion on financial capability

Enriching students through financial education
For the past few months we have been working with UK universities to explore perceptions of financial education and to determine the impact of Blackbullion at the universities we are privileged to work with.

Financial worries is one of the top reasons students drop out of university.

Over the past decade, the Higher Education sector has witnessed a sharp increase in the cost of studying, large…


On the Money

Skills are the currency of 21st century and we need new ways to learn them. Learn when convenient (no schedules), earn rewards, get social, and self-assess to ensure effectiveness

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