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Introducing The Bullionaires Club

The Bullionaires Club
A movement to make the world Money Smart!

When it comes to students and money (or lack thereof) it can be tough to make your funds last until the end of term. The sooner you crack it the better you’ll be.

40% of 1st-years said they’d found managing money trickier than they had expected

15% said they were struggling financially.
So we want to help you with that. And get rid of some of your money stress.

The …

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Blackbullion’s road to Oz

In every space and every sector we find the pioneers. The innovators. The ones who see the world of tomorrow and want to get ahead of it. The Universities Australia conference is a place filled with these people.

The ones who see that education the silver bullet (as much as anything can be) for social mobility, personal success and national prosperity.

We came to Australia from London to bring our financial education program, available to o…

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Five facts you must know about your student loan

Here’s five facts you need to know about your student loan. Seriously.

1. Your loan is cleared 30 years from the April after graduation or when you fully repay your loan, whichever comes first. This means, if you’re a low-earner or don’t even meet the threshold repayment criteria, your remaining debt will be wiped and you could have paid very little for your degree.

2. Your loan will begin to accrue interest immediately from your first paym…

How 6 hour mini-bus ride with strangers taught me the power of money

Today I learned, in the most visceral way possible, the power of money.
Doris hit Liverpool and she hit hard. Scaffolding crashed to the ground, the oceans swelled, winds hit 90miles an hour and the perfect storm (literally) hit the power supply of Liverpool Lime Street shutting down the entire network and stranding thousands of people. Including me.
While ordinarily this would just be a bloody inconvenience, today of all days this had the pote…


On the Money

Skills are the currency of 21st century and we need new ways to learn them. Learn when convenient (no schedules), earn rewards, get social, and self-assess to ensure effectiveness

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