We’re introducing a new sign up flow to Blackbullion which will enable users to easily discover learning content and access to scholarships, bursaries and funds, based on their personal circumstances.

Different factors will be taken into account, including: university, course of study, and country of residence.

The new sign up flow also helps with recruitment, outreach and onboarding strategies, by removing barriers for students to be able to access relevant information around funding for university, creating budgets and estimating their loan repayments.

For example, a nursing student will gain access to a bespoke learning pathway about NHS funding, parents of students will view parenting models, whilst international students will be able to access content and funding specific to them. 

“We’re very excited for this new release. The more personalised the learning experience the bigger the impact for the student. This new flow will also help students better able to discover, and apply for, any funding which might be available to them. It’s another step on our journey to improve outcomes for millions of students globally.” – Vivi Friedgut, Founder & CEO of Blackbullion

Partner universities will be able to use the ‘invite’ feature to give access to Blackbullion to different cohorts of students. 

Key benefits: 

  • Personalised sign up journey
  • Learning content tailored to individuals to effectively support different cohorts
  • Insight into candidates considering going to your institution and the ability to reach out to them for early support and engagement
  • Better segmentation of outreach students based on what stage they are at in their decision making (eg considering, choosing, applying)

If you would like to learn more about this change, drop us a line