We are on a mission to help young people develop financial skills for life.

Blackbullion was born out of a simple premise: we’re all better off when everyone is money smart. Vivi started by offering finance-related presentations on campuses across the UK. But, she dared to dream bigger: why reach hundreds of students when you can reach hundreds of thousands?

We launched Blackbullion.com to provide digital financial education that is both impactful and effective. Two years later, we have partnered with 30 universities globally and are able to reach 500,000 students. We are helping them make better financial decisions now and for the future.

Earn the love

Users and customers are the life force behind our business. We focus on making sure we are worthy of their time…and love.

Make the journey count

True innovation and problem solving is a long journey. So we focus on making progress…and having fun along the way.

Create impact

For us it’s about making the difference in people’s lives and is the driving force behind business and culture.

Practise what we preach

Say what you mean, mean what you say.
Work hard regardless of who is or isn’t watching.

“At Blackbullion we believe that if you will it, and work for it, you can achieve your dreams. We want to help young people to achieve their dreams by becoming money smart.”
Vivi Friedgut, Founder & CEO
Behind the brand
We are Blackbullion
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