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Engaging students: 3 ways in 30 days

Attending AMOSSHE is always a great learning experience for us. Not only do we get to catch up with our partners, but also discover and learn about the latest trends, challenges and objectives. This year’s AMOSSHE Winter Conference theme was ‘Engaging Communities’ so we wanted to add our two-pence to the mix by sharing some ideas about engaging students with financial education.

Get them where they are

Whether on social media or in the bar …

Welcome Team Surrey!

We are delighted to welcome the University of Surrey to our growing Blackbullion family! Last week, we spoke to the Student Money and Housing Team to find out their plans for the year.
BB: Welcome Team Surrey! Can you tell us who everyone is?
UoS: The Student Money and Housing Team is led by Maria – Student Advice Manager, Nigel – Student Money and Housing Team Leader, and two Student Money Advisers Holly and Tom.
Every year a number of studen…

Without financial dignity there can be no freedom.

Other people may not quite get why we do what we do. After all “students are already in so much debt, why bother”.

But we know that nothing can be more empowering than giving students a feeling of control over their finance. If embedded within their education, nothing will give students the firepower they need, to design their future, more than being able to deploy their assets in a way which will give them the greatest boost.

What better w…

“Wise use of ones resources will keep one from poverty” –proverb

NASMA presents the Waste Not Want Not – National Student Money Week 2017 6th-10th February

When it comes to effective financial education, some of the old sayings remain the best.

Your grandmother might have told you to “Measure Twice and Cut Once.” The older you get the more you find yourself thinking, “Yes. Pennywise and Pound-foolish. Absolutely true”.

NASMA agree with the sentiment. In our work providing advice to students, we see th…


On the Money

Skills are the currency of 21st century and we need new ways to learn them. Learn when convenient (no schedules), earn rewards, get social, and self-assess to ensure effectiveness

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