Money Makes the World Go Round…

It’s been ‘all change’ in the world of money recently…
In the last few weeks, the old crinkly fivers we all knew and loved were taken out of circulation, and the non-creasable, polymer, sparkly new ones became the only legal tender in town. According to the Bank of England, these notes are stronger, cleaner and more waterproof, which means next time you accidentally leave one in your jeans when you wash them, it will come out freshly laundered, …

5 Tips to Combat Exam Stress

At this time of year stress can rear its ugly head as a result of exams, deadlines, revision and all the thoughts that go along with them. Every student in the country will be stressed around now, so don’t worry if you’re feeling the pressure – it’s totally normal.

There are lots of these types of lists online so these are by no means the definitive answers, however we believe if you follow these tips your stress levels will be much more manag…

Simple Pad Thai

After only 10 minutes you’ll have a mouth-watering dish! One of those recipes that just works. Simple, quick and healthy! Make extra to take to uni the next day.
Serves 2

200g frozen/raw prawns
Handful of chopped coriander
1/2 package rice/soba noodles (or your favorite noodles)
85g beansprouts
1 egg, beaten
Juice of 1 lime
1 tbsp of soya sauce and or fish sauce
2 tsp sugar
A sprinkle of roasted peanuts

Berlin on a Budget!

Hello money saving fans, Frugal Femme here, and ready to give my two-pence worth on all things frugal.

It was J’s birthday a few weeks ago, so being the lovely wife that I am, I took him away for a surprise weekend to Berlin. Back in my travelling days, I had visited Berlin, and although I was not on quite the same backpacker’s budget this time, as a FF I was still keen to make my euros go that little bit further…
Booking Flights
I don’t kno…


On the Money

Skills are the currency of 21st century and we need new ways to learn them. Learn when convenient (no schedules), earn rewards, get social, and self-assess to ensure effectiveness

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